Is it time to make your Plan B your Plan A?

Boots. Yet another name from our High Street staples is in the tabloids with the comment ‘set to close more than 200 stores in next two years’. Well shit, this could be serious. Boots?! Didn’t we all get our Naturals body spray and lip balms from there at one point? Why are they being put on notice by their owners? Don’t today’s youth buy these sickly sweet sprays anymore?

What is happening to the world we knew?And by world, I mean, the grand old high street. The ones from days of yore. Also known as yesteryear. (Fans of Friends will get that reference). Saturdays, we used to walk up and down the high street in Cromer; it’s actually called Church Street; but you get my point. This was our place on the weekends. Oh how cool we were, we would go to Woolworths and Boots. The only ‘big name’ shops we had. And we’d buy things for ourselves with our hard earned pocket money. Lip balm (strawberry), body spray (white musk), Impulse, bath salts (why?!) I mean sometimes we’d shop with a purpose, it would be a gift for Mum. Or Dad.

When Woolworths went bust, we were, as a nation, bereft at this tragic loss from our towns and cities. But as the years have passed, it seems we have now become used to seeing these familiar shops, dare I say it, these institutions close down.

And as the days go on, we read about these well known shops, restaurants, factories and superstores closing or making cuts. We see conversations on Facebook posts and we make our own comments about what we might do if it were us that turned up for work one day to be told that we didn’t have one. So much of our world is online….we order our food, makeup, books, toys, clothes, groceries and even the phones we use to read these posts from the internet.

The internet isn’t the demon it is portrayed to be. One that is changing the landscape of our high streets or our shopping centres. But as more and more of our lives move online, what do we to ensure that we are not left behind? Do you have a Plan B?

For Gloria and I, our plan B is our Arbonne business. It’s an online business and yes, it’s hard work but my god, it is so rewarding. Not just because we have a secondary income, but the culture, the training, the personal development and the amazing people we’ve met. There are thousands of people that have their own successful Arbonne businesses. The company’s top earners have six figure monthly incomes! What could you do with that? What would you change?

If you’re reading this and want to know more, get in contact with us. Arbonne might not be for you but it could just be be the best thing you’ve ever been introduced to. Unlike those Dewberry and White Musk body sprays….

Love H xx

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