A Step Back

Today is Thursday. It’s a throwback day, at least that’s what I see on social media with the hashtags of ‘tbt’ and ‘throwbackthursday’.

So what does that mean? It means we share pictures of ourselves at some point in the past, whether it be from last week, the summer before last or maybe even older than that. And then we comment with who we were at that point, how we’ve changed and what we wish we knew then that we know now.

I’m sharing a picture of me from when I was 22. I was a receptionist & secretary at a solicitors and I also worked part time at Pizza Express. I can look at this picture and laugh about how much of an idiot I obviously appear to be, how I was of course, ‘mad for it’, drinking with my friends and their friends and being the silly carefree girl that most twenty-something’s are. No responsibilities, no consequences to my actions and certainly no regrets.

That last part is a tiny little lie. I do regret things from that time. Not dancing more, worrying about what people thought of me, thinking I was fat when I really wasn’t, not embracing my bisexuality, not telling people how much they meant to me, getting my lower back tattoo (why on earth did I get it?!) and the hangovers. Oh how I regret those but then, who doesn’t?!

I will always look back at this picture and remember the things I was thankful for. And remember that the regrets I may have are nothing compared to the memories I made.

Lots of love

H xx

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