Christmas Day Presence

So, this morning we were awakened by my father calling to see what we thought of our Christmas present. Bearing in mind, it was 10.06 and this is Christmas morning, you would have thought that we would have already been sat downstairs with coffee, presents and tunes blaring. However, the years have changed us and now we don’t have the big pile of presents to get up and open excitedly. And I was enjoying lying in bed, snuggled with Gloria and the dogs, listening to their soft breathing, although you should read that as snoring of Nola.

Freddy, Nola, Gloria and I, along with her dad Bill, went downstairs and opened our presents. And yes, the present from my dad and stepmum, Jon and Heather btw, was perfect. We asked for a blanket for the house and they chose it perfectly. Big, grey and soft. A perfect addition to our home and fits in with our interior style.

We unwrapped the rest of our presents, had some breakfast and spent most of the day on the sofa. We’ve watched films, had a delightful seafood risotto, watched the Christmas special of Strictly Come Dancing, then watched Harry Potter and now I am sat writing this post.

This is the first Christmas day that we have not worn makeup or done our hair. We have sat and eaten food, showered and put on clean pyjamas, eaten more food, drunk some more and then sat some more. It has been an absolutely lovely, chilled and alternative Christmas for us this year. And it has been perfect. It really has shown us that it is not about the presents you receive, but the presence of those around you

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